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Kazee 4GB USB Flash Drive Memory Stick Tiny Strap Blue

By on September 2, 2010

PQI 8GB Intelligent Drive i820 Slim USB Flash Drive. Neat leather pouch (Color Brown). works with any USB port on any laptop or PC

  • Plug and play through USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
  • Smallest USB flash drive in the world
  • Mobile phone decoration, easy to carry
  • Store and transport data, music, pictures and videos
  • Support Windows Vista

Why stop when you are on a good thing? PQI continues to roll out Intelligent Stick Interface products in the form of i820. Utilizing a one body design, covered in piano black finish and tucked away neatly in miniature leather pouch, it redefines the way people look at USB flash drives. When strapped onto a bag or mobile phone as an accessory, only rare few if any will know it is a USB flash drive.

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Price: $ 29.99

Question by Chez X: Is there such a thing as like a mini video camera that played what was on a usb memory stick?
that maybe even has a light, the video camera needs to be tiny able to fit in a shoebox
a video camera or video player its a question so i can get an answer if you dont understand dont comment and it needs a light for something im doing gosh!! just answer the question

Best answer:

Answer by im_yakuz
You need a video camera or a video player? Sorry, your question makes no sense at all. If you want to hide a camera in a shoe box why the light? The light will give up the hidden camera!!

I just read your “Additional Details” and you still make no sense, you’re just babbling incoherently. If you explain what you want to do then I can direct you on what you need and where to find it and how to do it, but using that kind or riddles you only get people confused, frustrated and annoyed.Go to the point and explain what you want to do.

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One Comment

  1. Amy

    September 2, 2010 at 3:05 am

    Review by Amy for PQI 8GB Intelligent Drive i820 Slim USB Flash Drive. Neat leather pouch (Color Brown). works with any USB port on any laptop or PC
    My husband bought me this for my birthday. I’ve had it for a year now. The flash drive stays clean and safe in the leather pouch. It’s on my keys and goes everywhere with me. On my key chain it just looks like a simple, leather key fob. The clasps and chain have held up well and the drive is big enough to store all my important documents and a couple movies or a 1000 photos. Being so small, I expected the drive to be difficult to port and un-port, but haven’t had any trouble with it.

    It’s the only flash drive either of us has ever owned with an unbreakable cap/case. Usually we demolish the protective cap or case within weeks of purchase, the leather pouch is by far the most resilient USB case I’ve encountered.

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